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Our Team has 40+ years of Software Delivery Expertise, 53 Years of Experiece in Delivery management. Trained core team of 5 developers and network of Freelancers to force multiply when in need. Best Develpment methodology to assure Gold Standard Quality Delivery. Presence in Tire 1,2,3 IT cities of India - we are near you

Growing list of Prolake services

Microservice Architecture

Build Spring boot applications that complies with microservice architecture using spring netflix

AWS Integration

Integrating AWS services like SNS, SES, S3, EC2, SSM, KMS, Cloudwatch, RDS, Lambda, Parameter Store

MEAN stack development

Design and develop RESTful Server using Express js in NodeJS with Mongo as the data layer.

Hadoop , Big Data

Solve computational problems that involves massive amounts of data

OAuth Server

Build applications that perform authentication and authorization based on Custom OAuth Server

Responsive Angular Development

Design and build responsive UI using Angular.

Google Action

Help users get things done with Google Action


Build Alexa skills and integrate with your app

XMPP Chatbot

Integration of XMPP Chat client using Converjs client and openfire server


Execution of business process described in BPMN2.0 using flowable

Website with static content

Static website development with basic CMS

R for statistical computing

Development of statystical and data mining software using R

Computer Vision

Development of active security analyzers to detect people and events.


Recaptcha support to your applications to protect website from spam and abuse


Google Push notification for your apps using FCM to drive your business promotions


Dashboard development, statistical analysis of data from IoT devices


Integration with Optaplanner a embeddable planning engine to solve constraints

Heroku, Openshift

Develop, host and scale applications in cloud environment using PaaS

Digital Ocean

Develop, host and scale applications in cloud environment using IaaS

Payment Gateways

Integrate your cloud applications with paypal, ccavenue and other payment gateways

Procurement Planning

Understand your business and develop business logic for procurement planning


Use most popular RPA tool UIPath for automating recurring reduntant tasks in your business process

WooCommerce API

Integration your application with WooCommerce API

Frappe Charts

Build easy to use simple responsive chart using Frappe Charts

Custom graph

Custom graph development using svg to envision complex data


Integration with chatbot BotLibre

Android/ iOS mobile app development

Conversion of existing java application to Android applications.Custom development of applications using React Native

Facebook Graph API

Facebook Graph API integrations to your app

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